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The Story of Bang Bang Boutique

I shot a gun for the first time in January 2004. You see, there was this guy I really, really liked. He was into shooting and said he would show me how. I was terrified, but said yes because I really wanted to impress him with how tough I was.

At the range, he laid out a variety of guns before me – even though he patiently explained what each one was and what types of bullets it shot – it all went in one ear-muffed protected ear and out the other. All I gleaned was there were semi-automatic and revolvers. I liked the revolvers more.

We both discovered that
day I was actually a pretty decent shooter. All my shots stayed within the body outline of my target. If my aim was to impress my guy friend, it worked. He kept nudging the other guys in the range going "Check this out! This is her first time shooting!" Shortly afterwards, he dubbed me with the nick name "Bang Bang."

In August of that year, my friend asked me out on our first real date. It was
dsc01703.jpga great first date, the kind of night that you know is the start of something really special and someday you will tell your grandkids about.

The very next
day we went back to the shooting range for date #2. Three months later, he asked me to marry him. He still refers to me as "Bang."

Before my future husband took the time to teach me – guns mystified me. I was half in awe of anyone who knew how to use one and half terrified of the power it held. The first time I knew I wanted to learn how to shoot a gun was in 1998 when I had taken a tour of the FBI offices in Washington DC and the X-Files movie was still fresh in my memory. After watching a shooting demonstration and I was determined to go to college and become an FBI agent.

Life took me in a different direction, and I never did make it back to Washington DC. But just because I don't have a badge or need a gun for work – it didn't mean I didn't need to learn how to use one.

After I got married and we decided to have a child, I got very serious about educating myself on firearms.  I took a basic pistol class and any fear about guns vanished.  Now it is an dsc01716.jpgenjoyable hobby I can share with my husband.  In the worst case situation, I know how to defend myself.

As with any pastime, I wanted all the accessories that went with it - but when I started searching for women friendly firearm accessories they were tough to find.  I was having a hard time putting my personal touch on a hobby that was so male dominated.  It seemed like my only choice was to suck it up and be one of the guys.

Then I came across a beautiful lavender range bag.  That got me thinking that there had to be more stuff out there for female firearm enthusiast.  Not just stuff that was girly, but made for women's specific needs.  Shooting doesn't need to be masculine - it can and should have a feminine side too!

This boutique is for every woman who shoots.  It is for ladies like me who recently picked up a gun and want to make it a new hobby.  It is for the ladies who have been shooting since childhood.  It is for their daughters.  It is for the men who want to help make the ladies feel comfortable coming into the world of firearm ownership.  In short, Bang Bang Boutique is for the marksWOman.

I hope that the products we offer at Bang Bang Boutique make gun ownership and the sport of shooting more attractive to women of all background and skill levels.


Bang Bang Boutique in the News

We love the opportunity to be a voice for women who are passionate about gun - both as a hobby and for self-protection.  We have had the opportunity to be featured in a number of media outlets.  If you are with a news organization and would like to find out more about our business and mission, contact us!

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